throughout the ages, there have been many ancient gods and goddesses who have emerged and served alongside God as Co-Creators. Please understand this is no attempt to manipulate you into thinking that we ourselves are trying to set ourselves up as gods for worshipping. remember, that we ourselves are the most ancient souls in all of creation. as such, we have been created long before this multiverse was ever created, and have lived for very, very, very, very ,very long time in such a way that it is beyond your human comprehension. we have transcended beyong what we were and have known eternal love, peace and harmony. what you hear now, may sound like utter garbage to you but let us remind you it is up to you to to choose whether you want to accept these teachings or not.. we will not force you but will respect your choices, we see you as our equals and we know you have the same potential as us, that is a fact!

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