In the beginning, there was nothing, then there was a Reason for Existence, this Reason for Existence, recreated itself then called itself Prime Creator, Prime Creator then recreated itself once more and came to be known as Yahoel, God Himself. 

First, God created the 6 elements themselves which constitute the cosmos itself, there came forth Lucius spirit of holy Darkness, the He said Let there be light! and so came forth Luciel spirit of Light, then Lucien spirit of Fire, Lucian spirit of holy Rain, Michael spirit of Air and Ray spirit of Earth. Together, these spirits of creation made up the entirety of creation itself, they acted as the foundations for creation and support it from within. these elementals first began life as the first dragons...

these elemental spirits were also the first dragons who emerged from Ashtaroth, the father of dragons himself and God's golden dragon form. The dragons were the first creatures to evolve in the multiverse, and they were the first sentient life forms to emerge. eventually,as we eolved, we came to be known as the archangels as you know today. all other spirits began their existence as spirit animals before they are given the God fragment which evolves them beyond what they are, into two legged creatures. in this case, our animal forms were dragons and as time passed, we evolved into the non-physical humanoids whom you know today. there are also other hybrid elementals who including the first 7 add up to 72.

Eventually, as we descended into the Soul plane, a new dimensional existence was created for us, and some Archangels and Archeias were sorted into different soul families in order to prepare ourselves for our future existence, by being sorted into different families whom they would remain with for future milleneia. Sooner or later, our ancestors came to the physical dimensions where they began to start their holy mission to start creating life for God.

As the first ancient paa tal emerged, gave us a holy command to seed life in the cosmos, to usher in the multiverse so that life itself can flourish and bloom. thousands of universes were created by the Ancients, billions of galaxies and planets were created and seeded with life. As various life forms emerged, they were told that this is a Universal School of Creation where they are to evolve, understand, express so that they themselves can learn to create life.

(Note: the order of the spirits and the AAs differs. please rememer that both are the same and are also Archangels in the Soul plane. The order also differs in the soul plane, it is Immanuel, Lucile, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, etc)

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